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Who we are?

Kangarocks is an Expat founded webpage, created on the desiring that occurs when living abroad.  We missed our Dr. Pepper, Butterfingers, Beef Jerky, so we designed a webpage and platform to bring us all closer together.


How Does  it Work?

Kangarocks aims to bring people together with common values and needs, providing a short and direct line of International purchasing solutions and peace of mind.

All it takes is three Simple steps.

1.       Log on via Facebook.

2.       Find people that reside where you will be traveling too and their desires.

3.    Agree with them on the terms and conditions and your set.

Through Kangarocks you can find people all around the world who want something brought to them.  Just search for your city of final destination, and we’ll direct you to the right people who would like to talk to you about their interests.

Most popular items include; IPhones, Foods, Cosmetics, Clothes, etc.


Why sell on Kangarocks?

Make some money on the side with your trip.  More often than not you will have a little space left over in your luggage or carry on.  Why not benefit on that empty space?  You can become a private shipping agent for specialty items.


Why Buy via Kangarocks?

It’s a simple, direct, personal line to pre-certified people who can bring you things that you cant find where you are currently at, or can find but are way more expensive than at home.  You can avoid high prices in your local market and benefit from these bargains


Why Can you Trust Kangarocks?

Kangarocks is built on Trust.  Our compromise to verify members and monitor reviews allows Kangarocks to assure a safe, hassle free platform for all users.

Verified ID

Travelers and Residents verify their IDs by connecting to their social networks and scanning their official ID or confirming personal details.

Profile & Reviews

Get to know your travelers or host through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews by other members.


Use our platform messaging system to learn more about the traveler and host or ask a previous traveler about their experience.